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Repatriation Collection

Repatriation may be one of the hardest and most underestimated transitions we go through on our global mobility journey. Over the last few weeks I have written about our transition from expats in China to repats in Germany and what we did to make this repatriation more painless than the last one. Below I have collected all the articles in one place:


7 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Repatriation

A summary of 7 things we did before leaving our expat assignment and after arrival in our passport country to help us prepare and settle.


Repatriation Part 1: Bumpy Landing - Arriving "Back"

In part 1 I describe the first few days and weeks after our return to Germany and how we implemented some of the "7 Things".


Repatriation Part 2: Taxiing In, the First Few Months

Part 2 introduces a definition of home and how we have worked towards achieving a sense of it, while also still implementing some of the "7 Things".


Repatriation Part 3: Four Tips to Build Connections and Start Putting Down Roots

In the final part of the series I share four tips for making new connections without an expat network to tap into and how we have started to put down roots in our new community.

Leaving Well

Before we repatriate, we must say farewell to the place, the people and the life we have been living. Below are some articles about saying goodbye.

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Leaving Well – When a bad day gives back more than it takes

My experience packing up our house at the end of our time in China and a late night reminder of the strength within.

leaving 2

Leaving Well - How to Say Goodbye

Building a RAFT, planing your goodbyes to people, places, pets and food, and some ideas for social distancing farewells.

photo around 1965 of woman in hat waving as she boards a Northwest airlines flight

What's a good goodbye?

How and why do we say healthy goodbyes that help us move forward?

Saying Goodbye - List

My list of everyday lists and a not-so-fun but essential list of goodbyes.

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