Building Resilience As A Parent

5 April - 3 May 2023

Building your resilience will help you feel better and handle life with a little more calm. Learn why it is important for your long-term health and happiness and start implementing small steps to grow you resilience. 

At the same time you’ll learn how to support and develop your children’s resilience with actionable tasks. 

5 week course with 6 months additional support. Apply now.

#IamRemarkable Workshop

22 March 8:00pm CET

Join me for this free workshop to help you find your voice. Developed by Google the #IamRemarkable initiative as already given more than 300’000 participants the power to speak more freely about their accomplishments.

Family in Transit

Time & Date of your choosing

Do you have some time to spend together?

Wherever you find yourself, give your family the gift of time and spend a few hours connecting & reflecting together. Come away with a plan for the next 100 days to adventure more together and gain fresh insights into how each of you is feeling.

Parenting International Kids

January 2022

We teach our children water safety. We put flotation devices on them, build fences around the pool, never leave them unattended and teach them to swim. 

But what about other life skills? When and where do we teach them how to build strong relationships and maintain connections? How to be resilientHow do we model and create strong family bonds & identity? How do we help them know who they are and what they want when there are so many choices in the world?

Stop leaving the important stuff to chance and join me for this series of talks for parents on all aspects of raising children in an international, mobile environment – intentionally.

Starting January 2022 

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