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I help global moms in Germany* love their life and feel excited (in a good way) to step out their door every day.

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Honestly - living in a new place can be really hard. I know 'cause I've done it a few times. I remember feeling lonely, overwhelmed and sad for very long stretches of time after some moves; cut-off from everything I knew, independence lost, I didn't recognize myself anymore.

Moving, motherhood, being "just" an accompanying partner (aka trailing spouse) - all transitions in their own right. Layer them on top of each other and it's no wonder we feel like we've been hit by a bus.

But I also know it doesn't have to be that way. Please get in touch. I know I can help you feel better. 

Imagine how good it will feel to STOP questioning the move, resenting your spouse, worrying you’re messing your kids up and generally feeling overwhelmed.

Imagine how thrilling it will be to START feeling confident again,
to reconnect with the decisive woman you were before life turned upside down and find your sparkle and focus again.

*and elsewhere

I truly love the practical ideas backed by theory that Anna provides.

It helped me when you shared your experience, to see that I am not alone and everyone has struggles.

You found just the right balance between pushing a little and knowing when to back off and come back later.

Thank you again for today’s workshop. It was the highlight of my week.

Your workshop was extremely helpful and the exercises really gave me some tools to get me thinking.

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The Adapt & Succeed package is a 360° guide for mastering transitions and change. Find out more about this secret weapon here.


Programs and packages for your global family before, during and after assignment. Connect more deeply with each other here.


I offer a host of workshops for your local and expat staff – all aimed at empowering and caring for your most valuable resource.

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Access my content library for a world of tips, workbooks and downloads for global women and families.

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Hey there – I’m Anna. I left my passport country when I was four and have lived “abroad” ever since. I’ve made my way as the lead assignee, as a partner and as a mother (read the full story here).

I understand the need to be more than a mom and an accompanying partner – but at the same time feeling numb, stuck and utterly dependent. I live with the concerns of raising kids abroad and the challenges of a cross-cultural marriage every day.

We are moms, partners, daughters and friends but we are also people with our own needs, dreams and plans. I firmly believe that to bring our best selves to others we must first bring our best selves to ourselves. We can’t do that while feeling overwhelmed and lost.

I help women just like you ride the rollercoaster of living and parenting internationally to feel more confident, content and at ease on your global mobility adventure (aka Expat Life). Click on the buttons below for more info:

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