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I’m very happy have been featured on webinars, blogs and podcasts of esteemed colleagues. I am passionate about sharing my message with other audiences and thereby increasing the visibility of TCK care and looking after yourself as an expat parent. 

Below is a list of some recent collaborations. If you would like to feature Global Mobility Trainer on your platform, please get in touch with me by email contact @ or here.

cultureXchange - PODCAST

This conversation with Frauke and Marie Christine is all about loosing and finding our identity as we move country and live through other life shifting events. Questioning who you are? Have a listen.

May 2023


In this conversation Mio and I talked about being an accompanying partner and making the most of the opportunity we have been given. Listen to the end for my power song… 

Oh, it is in German but that shouldn’t stop you 😀

February 2023


Who can resist telling their story? I can’t. And that is just what I did when Dr. Bettina Gruber and I recorded this conversation for her podcast Multilingual Stories.

Have a listen to hear or watch me sharing our family’s approach to raising bilingual children and other engaging moments in this chat that just flew by for me. 

Oh, it is in German but that shouldn’t stop you 😀

October 2022


CROSSCULTURE ACADEMY - The Impact of International Moves on Children

Children that grow up in different countries can benefit hugely from the experience. They are often more adaptable and resilient, have greater confidence and unflappability than their peers. The list goes on – but there is a flip side. They may grow up to never feel like they truly belong anywhere, are never sure of their identity, and may carry a large weight of unresolved grief with them.

This is the introduction to the first of two guest posts on TCKS and how parents can support their children. Read Part1 and Part2 here.

May 2022


ME AND MY BIG MOVE - Blog Post Word of the Year

The Word of the Year concept has really taken off, because it is so bite-sized but yet so intense. When I was approached by Marloes of Me and My Big Move to write a guest post about it, I was more than happy to put the concept into words.

What I didn’t expect was the beautiful (free) printable worksheet she would create to accompany my words. Read and download to discover your word to guide and give you direction all year.

February 2022


SHARE THE LOVE - Blog Post on Repatriation

Much has been written about repatriation, how difficult it can be and what we can do to ease the transition “back home”. But most research and anecdotes is on adults. 

After watching our children struggle, adjust, settle a bit and struggle again I dug deeper into children’s experiences of returning to their passport country. I wrote up the initial results, including suggestions for parents, in a guest blog for this summer. 



Jenna has tapped into a real need for expats in Germany. She runs a YouTube channel all about Life in Germany and has a website loaded with information and resources. I recorded a video with her in June about moving to Germany with children – how parents can make the transition easier, thoughts on choosing schools and generally not freaking about about the move, plus a whole lot more. 

Check out the video on YouTube (and of course many others, some really hilarious, others helpful and informative) or go to the Life in Germany website for the whole package.

youtube_life (1)

The EXPAT CAST Podcast Interview

I enjoy being on podcasts. It’s dynamic and engaging. This interview with Nicole from The Expat Cast, a podcast for foreigners in Germany, was recorded in April 2021.

She describes it as: A crash course on TCKs, followed by a deep discussion of how to best prepare for a move abroad as a family, including how to support your kids through the changes, what families can proactively do pre- and post-move to help out the whole team, and why self-care is so important for expat partners.

Anna on bench, smiling. title about tck podcast


In this interview on the website Maine Familienagentur, a family service provider in Frankfurt am Main, I share my thoughts on raising kids abroad and what we as parents and caregivers can do to support our children – in the short and long term. 

I enjoyed being asked these questions will a lot of freedom to give my answers. Thank you, Sandra.



The book Me and my Big Move is a great resource to empower kids going through a move. It is packed with fun, engaging activities for kids on the move. The new free (!) ME and MY NEW LANGUAGE workbook is an additional resource to help ignite children’s curiosity about the language(s) spoken in their new home.   

Together with other expat children focused professionals I helped contribute to the translations. The workbook is available in nine languages – including German 🙂 


Chat with Kim Adams host of Expat Family Connection podcast about TCK Identity & Belonging. 

Parents who’ve grown up in one culture may not know exactly how to support their Third Culture Kids (TCKs) develop a strong, healthy sense of identity and belonging. “It starts with acknowledging that our kids won’t have the same identity we do, and that’s OK.” 

Check out Kim’s website for more information on equipping expat families to thrive in their high-mobility lifestyle.


Interview by Barbora about expat life and experiences. ”I think the key to success is to know your ‘why’.” – Includes recipe for zucchini brownies 🙂


I’ve had multiple conversations and presentations within Sundae Schneider-Bean’s Facebook group Expats on Purpose. Join the group to re-watch e.g. a presentation on helping TCKs develop their identity and a sense of belonging.


In this guest blog for the Well Women online community in Beijing I shared my thoughts on resilience and how we can build this muscle. It takes time and practise but can be well worth the investment.


Watch me in action during Expat Coach Coalition’s April 2020 Brain Food when I talked about keeping your cool during social distancing. You can also read the blog post here.

Hey Anna, thank you, this was a delicious meal! For starters, your awesome reminders for self-care, the main course for me was your FABULOUS ideas to involve other people in the family to combine activities + connection, and dessert to get our kids to teach us something! And for coffee: remind us to do one thing at a time! Love it! Thanks!