Whether your transition is geographical, cultural, professional, or into a new life stage, YOU CAN feel supported and happy through the change.

You don't have to do this alone.

adapt & succeed coaching program

The Adapt & Succeed package is a 360° guide for mastering transitions and change. It leads you through each major step from the comfort of your computer with me by your side.

You will feel stronger on your (expat) adventure as you gain clarity while stepping out with purpose. The program has helped hundreds of expats and others rock their transitions (be it an international relocation or other life change) by applying decades of experience to your specific journey. 

This is your secret weapon. This is your tailor-made map.

Anna has so much experience! She is a grounded, calm coach and her stories helped me see that I am not alone and that everyone has similar struggles.


Adapt & Succeed Program

You deserve support to show up for yourself and for loved ones in the best way possible
(even when things are challenging).


Feel confident and comforted during life changes with practical tools and an experienced facilitator by your side. It’s like having a wise, caring friend on speed dial. Look forward to:

Hand off the mental load to Adapt & Succeed, so that you can elevate and enjoy your time IN TRANSIT.

It's something to move internationally as an adult, but as a family is a totally different thing. While there is a lot of logistical planning to be done, I discovered through Anna that emotional readiness is just as important. I remember how her words resonated through some tough times, like the words of a wise sister who has done it all before.

Far from being superior, Anna has a way of telling it like it is whilst wrapping you up in a blanket to tell you everything will be ok. And you know what, with her advice, it was indeed ok.


PICK AND CHOOSE from a menu of options

Adapt & Succeed offers a wide array of learnings presented in Menu-style for you to choose from, taste & try, and come back to for “seconds”.

Seasonal Specials will be provided by members of Global Coach Coalition, highlighting our areas of specialization.

what you get with this easy, enjoyable and affordable program

Unique combination of video lessons + workbook + one-on-one coaching. 

Work through the “menu” as you need it or with guidance (I’ll point you to things I think you’ll like and to ensure a balanced meal). In the coaching sessions we work on what is keeping you awake at night and areas you want to move forward with. 

Adapt & Succeed is completely location independent and you get lifetime access to the course videos so you can keep coming back to them.

Just-in-time support that covers what most corporate pre-departure training glosses over.

20 on-demand videos, to solve whatever transitional stress you’re facing right this moment.

Jump into any module at your convenience, no matter where you are in your transition.

Connection to a vibrant, global community that’s excited to encourage you.

Personalized support for 6 months as well as 5 individual coaching sessions with me.

you get me in your corner, cheering you on, Walking beside you.

This program is great at providing action-based strategies to help me take control of whatever is bothering me rather than feeling like life is spinning out of control.


Hi, I'm Anna

Living means being in transition. Babies become toddlers, then children, teens and adults. We transition from school to work. From single to partner, to parenthood, from child to carer of our parents, from independent & employed to dependent accompanying spouse. We transition through peri-menopause. We learn to adjust to our “empty nest”, to find purpose after employment… the list goes on.

Unfortunately we are conditioned to “be strong”, “be independent”, to “figure it out on my own” because accepting help (let alone asking for it!) is seen as weakness. But as a species humans we are meant to learn from and to support each other (how else would we have survived this long?).

This program sets you up to transition well, to develop tools and strategies to adapt and succeed – according to your definition – with me by your side. I will support you in transit and then help you step out on your own confidently and calmly, knowing you are powerful and strong – on your way to creating what is waiting for you.

Will you invite me on your journey? 

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Don’t You And Your Loved Ones Deserve A Transition That’s As Predictable And Frustration-Free As Possible?

Tell me more about Adapt & Succeed

About the Creator of Adapt & Succeed Abroad

Sundae Schneider-Bean is an intercultural strategist, transformation facilitator, and solution-oriented coach for individuals and organizations. She supports individuals and organizations as they traverse through (and flourish beyond!) life quakes and other major shifts — no matter where they are.

As a solution-oriented coach, Sundae helps her clients draw on their strengths and resources so that they can reach their ambitious goals faster. By focusing on what keeps her clients awake at night, she helps them break free from what’s holding them back or draining their energy. Find out more at www.sundaebean.com.

do any of these stories strike a chord?

It’s never too late to re-write your current chapter. If you want to feel lighter and more free  on your expat journey, keep reading or just click here. No commitment. I’ll get in touch and we can talk.

still undecided? maybe these stories are closer to your experience.
Adapt & Succeed is designed to help everyone in transit:


Single on expat assignment. She's a busy professional who enjoyes her work & colleagues but feels like she's missing something on her expat adventure.


A love-pat. She met her husband overseas and now lives in his home country. She is learning the language but making friends and connecting to his family is much harder than she expected.


Still more the exception than the norm, Alex is an accompanying male spouse. He loves having more time for his kids but is searching for a way to use his other talents.


Sara is preparing for her family's return to their "home" country after many years abroad. She doesn't want to go because she has heard how difficult repatriation can be and loathes giving up her expat life.

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