List of Lists – Saying Goodbye

List of Lists – Saying Goodbye

I’ve tried a few productivity methods but I’m a classic list maker – it’s a method that works for me. Some people feel depressed seeing a long list of things to do but for me crossing things off a list gives me a sense of accomplishment. I set priorities – a top three for the day or a “pillow list” (the things that must be done before my head hits the pillow) so there is some structure. I also find it helps to add a verb. So instead of writing “Blog” on my list it will say “write blog draft”. This is more specific and clear.

Today I share a list of lists I keep and some ideas. I like the daily summary but haven’t done this yet. Some lists I keep on paper (to do & groceries), some electronically (links, reading lists), some in apps (Pinterest) – find what works for you.

More relevant to this month’s theme is the list of lists to prepare for leaving. I wrote about leaving well here. Plan your goodbyes well so that you don’t feel like you’ve missed anyone or anything. Safe travels.

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