Dealing & healing after a friend moves away

Moving through the stages of grief, expat styleGrief is part of life and as global nomads we sometimes experience loss in unexpected ways. A trusted friend moving away can be one of these. There are many more tragic and irreversible things to live through but if you worked hard to find a friend, becoming close faster than you would in a non-expat context, this experience can really knock…

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Repatriation Collection

Repatriation may be one of the hardest and most underestimated transitions we go through on our global mobility journey. Over the last few weeks I have written about our transition from expats in China to repats in Germany and what we did to make this repatriation more painless than the last one. Below I have collected all the articles in one place: 7 Things You Can Do to…

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7 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Repatriation (or any other move)

When we first set out on our global mobility adventure, we rarely think about returning home – that would defeat the whole purpose! But at some point the day usually comes when either we decide it’s time to return to our passport country or circumstances make it the best option. Not much thought is put into returning “home” because we think we know the place. It’s not a…

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