What is a good goodbye?

"What did the expat say to her friend?""Goodbye."Ok, not funny. But goodbyes are the ONE thing that all global nomads have in common. And yet, most people dread them so we end up avoiding the issue and hoping it will go away.I promise you straight talk so lets grab this bull by the horns and see how can we make saying farewell more bearable. What is a good goodbye?…

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List of Lists – Saying Goodbye

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I've tried a few productivity methods but I'm a classic list maker - it's a method that works for me. Some people feel depressed seeing a long list of things to do but for me crossing things off a list gives me a sense of accomplishment. I set priorities - a top three for the day or a "pillow list" (the things that must be done before my…

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Leaving Well – How to Say Goodbye

I feel resistance and dread just writing the title to this post. Do you know the feeling? Just the thought of farewells makes me want to run in the opposite direction, hope it all goes away and comes right in the end. But therein lies the crux of it. If we don’t make it right, it won’t go away and we will take that uncomfortable feeling with us,…

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