Five easy ways to create calm in the midst of chaos

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Last week was hard. Three kids back to school and a new puppy. But I got through it and lived to share with you what helped. I am so grateful for all that I have and very aware that we live a privileged life, this is not a complaint. Just sharing my short-term coping methods in the hope that they may help others find calm in chaos. First:…

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What is Coaching?

The following article was recently published on an online Village of Women, started in Beijing but that has since spread around the globe. Their goal is to take small steps together to Live Well, Love Well and Be Well. I am honored to contribute to this supportive community of globally mobile women.  Curious about Coaching? Coaches listen and ask questions, then sit back and wait for you…

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Meet June – The Single Expat Client

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  • Post last modified:July 26, 2020 June is a single expat and coaching client that benefitted from the Adapt & Succeed program. Read more about rocking your life as a single expat here.  If you are interested in coaching to help you make the most of your expat adventure (and it really, really can!), please contact me for an obligation free chat. I'm just waiting to meet you. Contact me sign up to…

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