12 on 12 – April 2022 – A Day in the Life

The 12 on 12 trend has been around for awhile. I've participated on social media but never blogged about it so I figured it was time. Time to share 12 photos taken on the 12th of the month. Time to give you a little snippet of us, an insight into a "day in the life" of Anna - as a mom, partner, writer, cook, etc.. This month is special…

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What is a good goodbye?

"What did the expat say to her friend?""Goodbye."Ok, not funny. But goodbyes are the ONE thing that all global nomads have in common. And yet, most people dread them so we end up avoiding the issue and hoping it will go away.I promise you straight talk so lets grab this bull by the horns and see how can we make saying farewell more bearable. What is a good goodbye?…

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