Culture Shock and how to deal with it

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Culture Shock and How to Deal with It No matter the distance, you will still experience a cultural shock and the different phases it comes with.We, expats, have all been there, and if you are an expat-to-be, here is what to expect.First of all, cultural shock is not something bad. It’s the transition you make when realizing that the new culture you are experiencing, is a bit more…

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Spooky, scary, silly strange –Halloween connects us

Halloween – love it or hate it? The day as we know and celebrate it in the USA today is a mash-up of many different cultures and rituals, across many, many centuries. Irish immigrants brought their traditions to the USA and it grew from there. But where did the Irish get it? The origins are unclear and theories abound. Does it matter? Not today. In our family it's…

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Top tip to feel settled wherever you are

Few people share our childhood memories and experiences like our siblings do. This is especially true for TCKs,  since being far away from the usual networks of family and friends means we spend most of our time together; we experience transitions and build memories, travel far and wide and often face similar struggles at school (e.g. being the only kids with smurf-blue icing on our birthday cake). When we…

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