How to move abroad with children

June-August is moving season for many expats and my feed is full of bittersweet farewell parties and touching goodbyes. Saying goodbye to people and places is a (sometimes) sad but important part of our international lives - for the family that is leaving and for friends staying behind - but that is only one part of moving.I want to look beyond the farewell gifts and logistics and give…

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Dealing & healing after a friend moves away

Moving through the stages of grief, expat styleGrief is part of life and as global nomads we sometimes experience loss in unexpected ways. A trusted friend moving away can be one of these. There are many more tragic and irreversible things to live through but if you worked hard to find a friend, becoming close faster than you would in a non-expat context, this experience can really knock…

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Cookbook Collection: Emmi’s Goulash

This is the final recipe in a series covering the various cookbooks and recipe collections we have been given over the years. See here for an overview of all the cookbooks. This week I'm sharing the story of my time in Switzerland as a youngish engineer at the turn of the century with you. Switzerland: Expats and locals - bridging the divide One of the greatest culture shocks…

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