Repatriation with Kids

Much has been written about repatriation, how difficult it can be and what we can do to ease the transition "back home". But most research and anecdotes is on adults. After watching our children struggle, adjust, settle a bit and struggle again I dug deeper into children's experiences of returning to their passport country. I wrote up the initial results, including suggestions for parents, in a guest blog for…

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Repatriation Collection

Repatriation may be one of the hardest and most underestimated transitions we go through on our global mobility journey. Over the last few weeks I have written about our transition from expats in China to repats in Germany and what we did to make this repatriation more painless than the last one. Below I have collected all the articles in one place: 7 Things You Can Do to…

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Repatriation Part 3: Four Tips to Build Connections and Start Putting Down Roots

In Part 1 of the repatriation series I talked about our first few days after landing in Germany in late summer 2019 and how we implemented some of the “7 Things You Can do to Prepare for Repatriation.” Part 2 continued with the following weeks and months as we started school and began settling into our new life, building routines. This was also where I introduced the definition…

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