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Repatriation with Kids

Much has been written about repatriation, how difficult it can be and what we can do to ease the transition “back home”. But most research and anecdotes is on adults. 

After watching our children struggle, adjust, settle a bit and struggle again I dug deeper into children’s experiences of returning to their passport country. I wrote up the initial results, including suggestions for parents, in a guest blog for this summer. Read the full article here.

One thing that I have enjoyed about repatriation to the country I spent most of my childhood in has been sharing the seasonal arts & crafts with our kids. Making things that require local supplies unavailable in other places has been a lot of fun and a way to connect my experiences (and those of my husband) with our childrens’ – all of which helps ease the transition while bonding through creativity. This is especially true in autumn when nature gives us so much to work with. 

Fresh air is another way to help battle transition blues. Getting outside in the cold is easier when you’re on a mission to collect supplies – a great way to effectively “tickle two feet with one feather”.   


For more of my thoughts and further advice, please join me for the ICH BIN EXPAT conference in November. I will be speaking on Day 1 about Repatriation with Kids and on Day 4 about creating Family Bonds. Get all the information and your tickets here.

In the meantime you can also read all the posts on Repatriation – including the start of our own two years ago – here.

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