“Summer Camp” Lists & Ideas

“Summer Camp” Lists & Ideas

Are you a parent or grandparent staring in the face of a long summer at home with kids (of all ages) that have already spent weeks on end at home? Kim from www.resilientexpats.com is running a “Summer Sanity Challenge” to help us make the most out of a summer spent in backyards and on balconies instead of traveling as planned (find out more about the challenge here). As part of the challenge I have put together some activity lists to help you build your own summer camp.

From “no fuss” to “projects to do together”, indoor & outdoor scavenger hunts, a printable passport for your virtual vacation and four pages of boredom buster ideas – I’m sure there’s something here to help you while away the long summer days.

ACTIVITIES to do on their own and with you. Scroll down for printable passport for you virtual vacation.

Download the printable passport and country stamps here for your virtual vacation. See instructions on last page. Print double-sided.

SCAVENGER HUNTS are a quick and easily activity if you have a list ready. For younger children, paint the inside bottom of an egg carton in different colors. Challenge them to find something in each color that fits in the container.

Click on either image to download pdf with both lists.

Four pages of printable “Boredom Busters” when you’re really stuck. Most of the activities are easy for school age children to do on their own but you can decide what is appropriate for your family.

Click on image to download pdf. Print out the lists (NOT double sided), cut and put those that work for you in jar.

One rule if you choose from the jar: You get what you get and you don’t get upset.

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