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Top Tips: Beat Summer Boredom

Halfway through summer the novelty of being out of school often wears off. I’ve collected a few tips & links for you here to help get you and the kids over the summer hump – low cost and screen free. Please share any other ideas you have in the comments!

#1 Go on a neighborhood bingo/adventure. 

Make your own bingo cards or use the ones on National Geographic Kids or the ones from Me and My Big Move, especially for kids that have recently moved. 

#2 Send them on a scavenger hunt – indoor or outdoor.
Make your own list or use mine: scavenger hunt lists
#3 Challenge each other to draw something.
Get creative with your own ideas or just use this list of drawing prompts.
Why not join the fun? Drawing is an excellent way to switch off AND connect with your kids at the same time.

#4 Play any game in a life-size version, ie using people as game pieces. Think Harry Potter & chess…

Or create your own game board & pieces from natural materials.

#5 Instead of coloring in a mandala, why not create your own out of materials you can find? Sticks, stones, flower petals, candy, random socks, pencils, charging cables, …

#6 Grab a basketball and find a hoop. This is an ancient game but if you don’t know it, here are the instructions:
Kids take turns matching the exact shot and location of the starting previous player. If Player 1 creates (and sinks) a shot the opponent can’t replicate, Player 1 wins the round and the opponent (Player 2) earns the letter “H.” If Player 1 misses his own shot, Player 2 can attempt any shot from any location, and if he sinks that shot, Player 1 must duplicate it. The game continues until one player accumulates all the letters H-O-R-S-E.
#7 Just chill together.
Not sure what to do? Highlights has some ideas here for 15 minute connections between you and your kids.
What are your favorite low-cost, screen-free summer activities? Please share them in the comments.
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