“Summer Camp” Lists & Ideas

Are you a parent or grandparent staring in the face of a long summer at home with kids (of all ages) that have already spent weeks on end at home? Kim from www.resilientexpats.com is running a "Summer Sanity Challenge" to help us make the most out of a summer spent in backyards and on balconies instead of traveling as planned (find out more about the challenge here). As…

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7 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Repatriation (or any other move)

When we first set out on our global mobility adventure, we rarely think about returning home – that would defeat the whole purpose! But at some point the day usually comes when either we decide it’s time to return to our passport country or circumstances make it the best option. Not much thought is put into returning “home” because we think we know the place. It’s not a…

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List of Lists – Saying Goodbye

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I've tried a few productivity methods but I'm a classic list maker - it's a method that works for me. Some people feel depressed seeing a long list of things to do but for me crossing things off a list gives me a sense of accomplishment. I set priorities - a top three for the day or a "pillow list" (the things that must be done before my…

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