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COVID-19 Sanity Savers

As we finish up week 6 at home I want to share some inspiration for next week for families, kids, indoor adventure, and mom’s sanity (and dad’s). This is a collection of what we do as a family, as well as ideas from colleagues, friends and family around the world. I hope there’s something fresh here for you to try or be inspired by. 

Most importantly: take care of you. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Don’t feel pressured to produce insta-worthy crafts or five star dinners if it stresses you out. But do try to get out for a walk, dance like nobody’s watching (because there isn’t) or play twister with kids. Getting moving for 20min a day is guaranteed to improve your mood. I promise.

You can find more information on items marked with an * from the Expat Coach Coalition April Learning Snacks.

There are more snacks to come next week – in the meantime, enjoy a movie night this weekend .

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