Dealing & healing after a friend moves away

Moving through the stages of grief, expat styleGrief is part of life and as global nomads we sometimes experience loss in unexpected ways. A trusted friend moving away can be one of these. There are many more tragic and irreversible things to live through but if you worked hard to find a friend, becoming close faster than you would in a non-expat context, this experience can really knock…

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Cookbook Collection: South African Pear & Blue Cheese Salad

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This recipe is part of a series covering the various cookbooks and recipe collections we have been given over the years. See here for an overview of all the cookbooks. Today, I'll tell you the story behind the Pear & Blue Cheese Salad in our South African Farewell Cookbook. Antenatal class 2007 and beyond At the end of 2005 I quit a job I loved in Switzerland to…

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Cookbook Collection

I love exploring culture through cooking.For me, cooking is culture, community, creativity, and an expression of love for those we're making the food for. Everyone eats so it's a common denominator and an easy way to connect with people. Read this post to find out more about my experiences in kitchens around the world. My love of food and sharing cooking culture is no secret so we have often…

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