MOMS LIKE ME with Kira

I meet so many cool moms! This series gives them a chance to share their stories - to inspire others and to sometimes give us all a chuckle.  Parenting is not for cowards and parenting abroad can be next level. If you want to share your story, please get it touch with me. I'd love to feature you. Kira and I have worked together on a few projects,…

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Getting to know me

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I was recently interviewed by Sandra at Maine Familienagentur, a service for expat families in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Sandra helps families find all the leisure, sport and extracurricular activities they need to feel settled and start to make Frankfurt their home. But she also takes it further and offers Family Assistant services - help with doctors appointments, registration for Kindergartens, etc. I love the all-round-family-care offering…

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Mini Breaks for Moms & Dads

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I'm raising three kids. Except for a brief interlude when our 2. baby was born we've never lived close to family or a network of old friends. Sometimes that has been really difficult. In the short term, finding ways to keep going when I was tired beyond measure helped me get through. These mini breaks gave me breathing space and a mental rest. In the mid-to-long term, building…

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