Repatriation Part 2: Taxiing In, the First Few Months

Update - this is part 2 of a three part series. Click on links to read Part 1: Bumpy Landing and Part 3: Building Connections.Statistically it can take up to 18 months to feel settled after repatriating. Once things start to repeat (festivals, seasons) a feeling of familiarity sets in, at which point we begin to feel more at home. When returning to a place you know, this…

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Dinner Inspiration & Kids in the Kitchen

One of my biggest challenges right now is coming up with meal ideas to keep things interesting. Maybe you feel the same, so I'm sharing some lists of dinner inspiration, how kids can help in the kitchen and how to put together a basic meal. I hope there's at least one thing here to help you jazz up your routine. Follow these links to find the recipes for…

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Opa’s Nudelsalat – German Pasta Salad

For us living abroad always means exploring new and different foods. Even our children are reasonably adventurous when it comes to trying new flavours and more often than not, discover things they like and crave once we leave. These we try to recreate, even if it sometimes means traveling long distances or calling in favours to get the one ingredient that will make a dish more authentic.  Conversely,…

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