Why Theater is the Best Thing EVER

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One of the best things that ever happened to me was to get involved in community theater. Hands down. I love being part of theatre - any and all aspects of putting a production together bring me intense joy.I also strongly believe in the power of theater to bring out the best in us. To help children develop their identity, to try out roles and behaviour in a safe…

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Top Tips: How to Enjoy a Trip “Home”

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If you are like most expats around the world you haven't been "back home" for at least 2 years, maybe more. But this year you can't wait any longer. You've got your COVID immunisation, you're donning your masks and heading over to visit old friends and family. It's been too long.Anytime our expectations are high and the pressure to have a good time and enjoy ourselves is on,…

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What is a good goodbye?

"What did the expat say to her friend?""Goodbye."Ok, not funny. But goodbyes are the ONE thing that all global nomads have in common. And yet, most people dread them so we end up avoiding the issue and hoping it will go away.I promise you straight talk so lets grab this bull by the horns and see how can we make saying farewell more bearable. What is a good goodbye?…

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