Expat Family Flight School


A course for globally mobile parents and their mighty children

“Great flights use landing gear as well as wings.”

Do you have The answers?

As expat parents we’re all about giving our children wings to fly. But have you thought about where and how they land? Parents are sometimes the only solid ground for globally mobile children, wherever we find ourselves in the world, and there is a lot we can do to build their landing gear while we also teach them to soar.

  •  Have you ever sat down and thought about your expat family life?  
  • What does it mean to you as a family to live a globally mobile life? 
  • Why did you go abroad in the first place? 
  • What do you want to get out of it for yourself and your children?
  • What impact is your choice having on your children?

These are tricky questions you know you should have answers to but there’s usually just too much other stuff going on. Am I right? 

here is your chance to get answers:
a workshop for expat families to grow closer and stronger together.

"I keep thinking "all my friends need to see this."
Global Mom
"I feel like I've discovered a secret world. Tailored just to us."
Global Mom
"This is gold for any family, not just expats."
Global Mom

flourish and grow together as a family

Expat Family flight school

Workshop for brave parents & mighty children living a globally mobile life.

We want to join!


If you answered “yes” more than three times keep reading – you and your family will benefit from this workshop. 

complete flight school To...

  • Learn what it takes to raise healthy kids abroad
  • Find out things you never knew about your kids
  • Gain confidence in your parenting skills
  • Have fun learning about the expat experience together
"They got super into the timeline. It was SUCH a good exercise for us. The part they liked the most was the friends in each place. We talked about the people, filled in info. Such an excellent exercise. I really enjoyed it. Teens didn't want to leave. My son (11) is super involved & interested."
Global Mom
"Everything is really exciting and new about TCKs and the process. They are really small but they remember more than I thought. Came up with rituals they enjoyed but aren't doing anymore. I didn't realized how much they liked that until they told me."
Global Mom

How does it work?

The family course runs for 8 weeks, taking off whenever you choose and is designed for expat parents and their mighty children ages 5-13. You will need some supplies (paper, pens, printouts) for the activities and an hour or two a week (or more, depending on how much fun you’re having).
You go at your own pace with your family. From me, you get:

Video Lesson

Each lesson forms the foundation for the week.
Time: 10-20min

Family Activity

Building on the video lesson you do the guided activity as a family.
Time: 30-60min


Support in the closed facebook group. Share your projects, ask questions. I am available daily in here.

Live Calls

We start with a kick-off call. Depending on your package, there are 1-4 additional Q&A calls.

"The exercises to complete with my family were so useful as talking points, seeing each other’s points of view and tips. We didn’t do every exercise, maybe two thirds. But do intend to complete more of them as occasion calls. I particularly liked the insight into grief and loss, the values exercise and tips to stay in touch with grandparents."
Global Mom
"I learned more than I could possibly type here. Most of all, my eyes opened to the TCK experience, how I can better support my children, and how much I actually have in life experience that can help in the understanding and assisting of my boys."
Global Mom

What will we cover?

  • How is growing up abroad different?
  • Building close family bonds.
  • Who am I? Who are we? 
  • How to say good-bye.
  • Staying connected with, well everyone.

Choose from three packages to help your family grow closer, together: 


For independent families
  • 8 week course
  • Video lessons
  • Guided family activities
  • Workbook
  • Support in closed Facebook group
  • 30min Kick-Off call
  • 60min Q&A call with Anna


Families learning together
  • 8 week course
  • Video lessons
  • Guided family activities
  • Workbook
  • Support in closed Facebook group
  • 30min Kick-Off call
  • 4x 60min group calls
  • For 3-5 families together

If you are a globally mobile family you will benefit from this course by gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Third Culture Kid and how to raise them to be strong, healthy and resilient. 

The modules include:

  • Your family story
  • What is a TCK?
  • Rituals & Traditions
  • Identity & Belonging
  • Global Nomads and Relationships
  • Building and maintaining connection
  • Identifying and expressing emotions
  • Grief & Loss 
  • Saying goodbye

Bonus: Flight School parents get a free ticket to the recurring workshop “Resilience, the Art of Flourishing – for Parents & Kids“.

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You can read up on parenting abroad here and here or ask me anything.

"It was by chance that I stumbled upon Anna's course, and I couldn't be happier. The course itself was full of materials, activities, information, and additional resources that allowed me to dig in "just a little" or "a whole lot", as time restraints and emotions changed from week to week. Anna herself is full of experience, wisdom, and kindness. The group chats made me feel connected and finally involved with a community of women who truly understood me. I loved every moment!"
Global Mom