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Moving and settling in to a new place is hard. 

When you’re drowning in boxes, school supply lists, language lessons and logistics and you can’t remember the last time you took a shower, much less had a moment of calm you realize what all the bloggers and facebook friends were talking about.
It’s tough in a way that nothing else is. Simultaneously busy and lonely.

All you really want is a friendly face you feel comfortable asking all the weird questions (Is it normal to want to hermit? Is it ok to burst into tears all the time? Will I ever feel better?).

You want a place where you can let your guard down for a little while. 

You want someone who won’t judge you, your parenting style, your grumbles or your dinners on repeat and who gets just how friggin’ HARD it can be at times.


I’m Anna. A life-time global nomad, mom of three Third Culture Kids and passionate supporter of other women – I come to you with decades of experience supporting expat moms and their families. 

With multiple international moves and re-inventions under my belt I’m uniquely equipped with passion, heart and knowledge to walk by your side during your current international adventure (click here to read more about my story). 

What is "By Your side"?

For 6 weeks as you settle in to your new home anywhere in the world I will virtually (or physically if you’re nearby) walk “by your side”.  
you can do this but together it will be easier and a whole lot more fun. 
A 499€ investment for peace of mind and guidance during one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.
Ready? Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch (after the double-opt-in email confirmation business):
"It's something to move internationally as an adult, but as a family is a totally different thing. While there is a lot of logistical planning to be done, I discovered through Anna that emotional readiness is just as important.
I remember how her words resonated through some tough times, like the words of a wise sister who has done it all before.
Far from being superior, Anna has a way of telling it like it is whilst wrapping you up in a blanket to tell you everything will be ok.

And you know what, with her advice, it was indeed ok."
Baby in Berlin
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