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Thank you. The word of the year had such an
impact in my life, unbelievable.


Word of the Year 2021

It’s hovering there, just out of reach – you can grab it and kick off 2022 with an anchor word to lead you through the year and make every decision easier, whatever may come.

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This workshop is about more than just finding your word.  The process of reflecting on the past year and developing your hopes and intentions for the new year was incredibly valuable.  I don't think I've seen such a great collection of questions put together anywhere else.  Anna leads the sessions with ease and kindness, creating a safe and comfortable space to reflect and dream.


Word of the Year 2022

Word of the Year includes Workshop & Circle Membership

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  • Choose your Word for 2022

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  • 9 co-working sessions

  • Digital image of your Word

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I loved this workshop because it really broadened my vision for 2022 and beyond, allowing me to find a more perfect word than I'd previously been throwing around in my head. I'm feeling so positive about this year!


Word of the Year 2022