exclusive group coaching for fall 2020!

You are 
ENTREPRENEUR wanting empowerment and networking 
or an 
EXPAT looking for support and connection

Make the rest of 2020 count by making big gains in your life. 

Focus on yourself and join one or both of these programs. You are worth it.

for the entrepreneur

Are you still waiting to take steps to begin your business?
Have you started your business but feel stuck?
Want to take your current business in a new direction?
Join other expat women entrepreneurs like you as you:

  • get clearer on your business vision
  • define and take real action steps toward your goals
  • identify the most important resources to propel you as an expat entrepreneur
  • launch your dream – YES, LAUNCH IT!

You will also enhance your business skills, grow your network, gain valuable insights, benefit from accountability, and build your confidence!

for the expat

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Expat life rarely goes as planned and sometimes no one gets how hard it is. You think you’re the only one struggling and aren’t sure how to navigate through the challenges

Meet other women in the same situation and let’s make a map so you can :

  • pilot through the foggy days of boredom and uncertainty
  • steer through German culture
  • rediscover the joy of old and new connections
  • find ways to grown and build resilience
  • uncover your “why” for coming and GET YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE BACK!

Sign up and learn to love your expat life (again).

why say yes?

  • Increase your knowledge 
  • Build new skills
  • Go further as an expat and as an entrepreneur
  • Get support from others on the same journey as you
  • Get clarity and focus by doing the work
  • Boost your confidence & resilience
  • You deserve to invest in yourself

what's my investment?

We are offering these programs at an introductory price in 2020.
Your investment includes:

  • Four 2-hour group coaching sessions over 8 weeks with qualified, experienced coaches
  • Assignments for deeper learning between sessions
  • Bonus resources
  • Diverse teaching and coaching methods – we will make online learning fun and interesting. 

Dream Launcher


Expert Expat



DAtes & Times

The dates are chosen so you can complete both programs in parallel if you want.

Dream Launcher

September 22
October 6
October 20
November 10

Expert Expat

September 29
October 13
November 3
November 17

your coaches

My expat entrepreneur story. I am the executive coach behind The Inner Advocate (executive coaching for lawyers). I started The Inner Advocate after ten years as a trailing spouse (also mother to two children) for many expat assignments (to the U.S., China, Canada, and Germany). I spent that entire decade living with the belief that, in all that moving and change, there was no way I could have a career again. Professional coaching showed me that I can have anything I want, I just have to reach for it. So now I have my own business and I coach and train professionals sitting all over the world through Zoom. I am living proof that an expat can be a successful entrepreneur. As your coach, I bring my personal experience and insight from my own challenging and inspiring journey. What else do I bring? I also bring real experience from the business world…

My professional background. I am a licensed Attorney-at-Law (Ohio, U.S.A.) and also an admitted but non-practicing Solicitor (England & Wales). I worked at major law firms (in the U.S.A. and Germany) on complex topics concerning the entire lifecycle of a business (ultimately, I specialized in investment management (private equity and funds)). I also have undergraduate degrees in accounting and finance; a master of professional accountancy (taxation specialty); a Juris Doctor (J.D.); and a Master of Laws in law and finance (LL.M.). 

An important final word. Do I know alot about business? Yes. Have I had a lot of successful experience in business? Also yes. I combine my business experience with my executive coaching training to support you and your dreams. Let’s work together to make your dreams come true. 

How to connect with me:
Instagram @the_inner_advocate
LinkedIn (I love new connections!)

My expat adventure: I started my global mobility adventure at the age of four when we moved to Germany from the USA. Three kids, four continents, five countries and many expat experiences later I’m now back in Germany and delighted to help you navigate your expat adventure. Whether you’re new to expat life or have been around the world a few times but are feeling stuck in expat limbo, I will help you rediscover your sense of adventure, ignite curiosity about what lies ahead and move forward with purpose to help you love your expat life, wherever you are.

My professional qualifications include: Dipl.-Ing (Geodesy, TU Darmstadt), MBA (University of Strathclyde), Certified Trainer & Coach (DVCT), Licensed Practitioner of Adapt & Succeed (a coaching program developed specifically for expats by Sundae Bean, LLC).

In a nutshell, why I’m qualified to run this program: I grew up as a TCK, raised by a TCK parent. I’ve been a single expat, expat spouse without children and with kids. I’ve experienced repatriation twice and am raising three TCKs in a cross-cultural marriage. I get it. Plus, I’ve got the qualifications to back it all up. And I want to you to LOVE THE ADVENTURE!

Contact me:
Instagram: @global_mobility_trainer

How do I join?

Fill out the form to get more information. We will be in touch and are also happy to hop on a call to discuss any questions!

If you decide to join us, we will send you the full program overview and a contract to review. 

Deadline to sign the contract and pay in full is 20 September 2020. Don’t miss out!

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