Feeling Lost on your expat adventure?

you want to love your expat life but you're not sure how?

Sometimes you want to take the next flight home.

Sometimes it’s thrilling and you never want it to end.

What’s it going to be?

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coaching for expats & global nomads

Are you tired of tagging along behind your partner, feeling like you’ve left the real you behind? Are you the lead assignee feeling like there must be more to expat life?

Change is hard. Let me lead you through a world-class program to help you Adapt & Succeed wherever you are. Feel like you know yourself again and bring joy and purpose back.

transition workshops

Is an upcoming move keeping you awake at night?

I can help you sleep better. Using established, playful methods you will learn to navigate change while becoming connected and staying sane. Let curiosity be your guide as you embark on a new adventure. My workshops are recommended for anyone preparing for a move but are especially designed to include children in the transition process. Contact me for more information.

global mobility speaker

Do you lead a globally mobile team and want to gain insights into their world?

A lifelong expat in many roles across four continents, I would love to share my mishaps & successes, my stories & strategies with you and your team. I am a keynote speaker on the global mobility experience and would love to talk to your group about Repatriation, Third Culture Kids, Endurance vs. Resilience or any other burning subject. Contact me for more information.

are you a global mobility professional?

I am passionate about helping organizations develop ways to improve the experience of all of their globally mobile staff and accompanying partners & children through coaching, training, and building the best possible global mobility program. Find out more about my coaching offers for organizations here. Or send me an email and let’s talk.

I'm Anna - your global mobility trainer

A 3rd generation global nomad and lifelong expat, I’ve been shaped and influenced by life on four continents and am delighted to use my experiences to help you successfully navigate your global mobility adventure. I’m also a surveying engineer so who better to help you make a map?

Whether you are preparing to set out for the first time, are feeling stuck in expat limbo or are dealing with repatriation, I can help you rediscover your sense of adventure and ignite curiosity about the life ahead. Read more about my story.

Watch me in action during Expat Coach Coalition’s April Brain Food when I talked about keeping your cool during social distancing. You can also read the blog post here.

Hey Anna, thank you, this was a delicious meal! For starters, your awesome reminders for self-care, the main course for me was your FABULOUS ideas to involve other people in the family to combine activities + connection, and dessert to get our kids to teach us something! And for coffee: remind us to do one thing at a time! Love it! Thanks!

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Welcome to My Blog where I share stories and recipes from our family’s adventures around the world, each one invoking a memory or an event in our globally mobile life.

Because stories are memories that invoke culture, community, creativity, and an expression of love. 

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