Foundations of Parenting International Kids

Free talk on 7. Feburary 8pm CET

You’ve lived abroad for a few years, have a multi-cultural family or recently returned to your passport country after being away – whatever the situation:

The choices you made are impacting your children.

Do you know what that impact is? 

In the short term? In the long term?

Join me on 7 Feburary for this free talk and feel more confident in your parenting and have a greater understanding of your kids. In just 60 minutes.

We teach our children about water safety. We put flotation devices on them, build fences around the pool, never leave them unattended. We show them how to ride a bike, buy helmets and protectors. We get braces fitted, serve them veggies and monitor their screen time.

But what about the stuff we can’t see?

What about the really important things?

What about their emotional state?

What can we do before things get rocky?

You know you should take care of their emotional needs as much as their physical ones, but you’re not sure where to start.

Join me for this free talk for all parents raising children between cultures to learn what you can do as a family to reap the benefits of living outside of your passport culture and mitigate the challenges.

Give me one hour to answer these questions. And you will walk away feeling more confident and more understanding as a parent:

What’s a cross-cultural kid?

What’s a third culture kid (TCK)?

Why does it even matter?

How can I help my children reap the benefits of growing up crossing cultures?

What other parents have said about my talks and workshops

"Parenting has been one of my greatest struggles/guilts/stressors as an expat, and your talk was priceless for me."
"If you are looking for support and feeling insecure about the effect of this whole expat adventure on your family she is a great source of wisdom to get in touch with!"
"Love you facilitating skills- it felt personal and fast-paced at the same time!”

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7 February 8pm CET

Yes, it's free because I think this is super important.

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This talk is the first in a series. See the full list of talks on offer here.

Anna straight at camera
Anna C. Seidel

I’m Anna and I’m so glad you found me (read my story here). I help parents confidently raise kids internationally while also remembering who you are – beyond being a mom (or a dad). 

I’m passionate about raising healthy cross-cultural kids and I believe this starts with parents learning about this aspect of parenting AND taking very good care of themselves. 

Have a look around the site and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.