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There’s no doubt it’s been a crazy year so far. 

While the world is in transition as we continue to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, as an expat/repat mom you are facing change on top of change on top of change

It’s hard and I want to support you. Keep reading for a chance to win one of five 60min coaching sessions with me to help you kickstart the school year and spend time focussing on you. 

After the summer (or winter, depending on where you are) there are always many changes to our expat life and this year is no different.

        • maybe you are in a new location.
        • maybe you have repatriated.
        • maybe you are left behind while others have moved on.
        • maybe you started a new job.
        • maybe your family is still separated.

These are all stressful transitions. You might be on an emotional rollercoaster or you might be feeling frozen. Both perfectly normal reactions. Ask yourself what you need right now to feel more balanced.

        • do you need to move forward?
        • do you need to recharge?
        • do you need to re-connect with friends & family?
        • do you need help adjusting to your new normal?

To help you find answers to those questions I’m offering:


If you are a globally mobile mom, employed or stay-at-home, you can enter to win one of these free sessions. 

Winners can choose between completing a mini-module from the Adapt & Succeed program or we can spend your hour coaching you on a challenge close to your heart.

Entries close 31 August 2020. Winners will be contacted via email by 2 September. The free coaching session must be completed by 31 December 2020. No cash payout. Coaching will be done by video call. By entering below you agree to sign up for the Global Mobility Trainer newsletter. You can unsubscribe at anytime by following the link in the email.

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If you’re curious about coaching, how it works and what it can do for you, ask me or read this post.

Good Luck!